Primal / Famfrit / Mist / Ward 26, Plot 34

Eat, drink, and make merry in a faithfully-recreated Doman-style teahouse in the heart of Mist. Spin tales of derring-do, meet companions for your next adventure, or simply enjoy the sounds of some of the finest barding Eorzea has to offer.

About Us

The Bubble Tea Lounge is a bard/RP venue run by members of the Bubble Tea Company FC <BBT>. The Lounge is an SFW venue catering to those interested in trying out RP within Final Fantasy XIV, as well as showcasing bards and ensembles from all servers. Whether you're looking for a beautiful backdrop for your next RP session, a place to both enjoy and perform music, or simply a place to catch your breath between roulettes, the Bubble Tea Lounge is here for you.